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State Housing Company Limited (SHC) was established originally as the Gold Coast housing corporation in 1956 under the Gold Coast Housing Corporation Ordinance 1955 (No.31). In 1965, the name of the Corporation was changed to the State Housing Corporation (SHC) and mandated to “increase the availability of dwelling houses in Ghana.”


Until the early ‘70s’ the corporation was a sub vented organization acting as the government‘s housing construction arm. Its philosophy was to provide housing as a social service. In July 1995, SHC was converted into a Limited Liability Company under the statutory Corporations (Conversion of Companies) Act, 1993. It was duly registered under the Companies Code 1963 on July 10, 1995 and structured to operate as a commercial enterprise.


State Housing Company (SHC) The Nation’s No. 1 Builder provides homes and estate management services to Government Agencies, Local Authorities, Developers and Private home buyers.


We adopt a commercial approach and offer competitive property offers and practical maintenance and support, grounded in years of experience. We foster close working relationships with our clients and stakeholders and use our local knowledge and expertise to deliver projects without compromise to our core founding values.


Our innovative one stop shop approach to affordable housing allows us to provide a fully integrated development and support services giving clients the option to choose individual stand-alone services from a menu of options ranging from site finding through to construction.



To be Ghana’s most valued housing partner.



To provide high quality affordable homes in thriving communities where people have a sense of pride and place.


Our Values

We understand what it means to work in Ghana – a dynamic changing environment with policy, funding and market fluctuation.

Our expert multi-disciplinary team has developed a reputation for excellence over many years.

SHC has contributed to the success of many major development projects and our work has drawn praise from clients, planning experts, communities and legal advisors for its excellence and professionalism.

We recognize that it takes more than a commercial development to create a successful housing scheme. Whilst the numbers are important, the schemes also need to create a sense of place and work with communities to deliver improvements to their quality of life.

State Housing Company Ltd has taken some initiatives to compliment the effort of reducing the housing deficit in the country. Institutional Housing Project is one initiative currently being adopted by SHC, where we provide land, assist institutions to source for funding for the project and SHC execute the construction.

With our Business Development Department, State Housing Company now take business to strategic investors and the business community which has strengthened our position in the real estate industry.

Customer service is one area that has also received remarkable attention and has brought our service delivery to the door step of our numerous clients.

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We use our expertise to provide advice and help during the buying process from personalizing your home to connecting to the right lender to meet your needs.
In vibrant neighborhoods where you have value for money and a sense of pride and place, we deliver high-quality , affordable homes.

Customers are our key to success and working closely with you, we establish and plan to ensure that not only are we providing a value-added service but also meeting your specific needs, both now and moving forward.

All we do is focused on providing our clients with the highest possible level of service and ensuring that we adhere to strict professional standards in our work.

Message us directly info@statehousing.gov.gh or navigate our website to start the purchasing process.

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